Monday, December 26, 2005

Bittorrent Boogie

A few days off for the holidays gave me a chance to catch up with some of the concerts I've been downloading:

Roy Campbell - Vision Festival 2005: This is trumpeter Campbell's Pyramid Trio with bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake playing a short set of cracking free-bop at this year's Vision Festival in New York City. The three musicians play with each other quite a bit, both in this band and others so the music is quite tight. Drake is really amazing as his different rhythms make a trio sound like a much larger band by shifting the tempos and focus of the music.

Van Morrison - Toronto, Ontario 10/21/74: A highly charged set from Van Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra from the tour that would yield the wonderful It's Too Late to Stop Now live album finds the man in fine voice playing favorites and soul obscurities in front of a very enthusiastic audience. Highlights include the rare song "(It's Not The) Twilight Zone" with Van singing in a super-high falsetto voice and "Moondance" which included the Peggy Lee popularized classic "Fever."

Hound Dog Taylor - Ann Arbor Jazz and Blues Festival, 1973: Taylor had one of the most exciting sounds in all of electric blues... sloppy, loud and super-raw, his slide guitar, mixed with rhythm guitar and drums was a powerhouse on the Chicago scene. He's in rare form here on a wonderful set that has the crowd going nuts throughout. His breathless and incomprehensible between song banter is a riot as well.

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