Monday, December 05, 2005

Interesting Articles has an interesting article about the re-constituted Liberation Music Orchestra, and Charlie Haden's goals for the ensemble:

"I think it's really important to play this music now," Haden says from his house in Malibu. "We want the whole world to know, however, that the devastation that this is wreaking is not in our name. The title comes from a slogan I saw on banners unfurled over apartment buildings in Italy and Spain when I was on tour with Pat Metheny just before the start of the Iraq war."
The New York Times has an article about a new collaberative venture involving avant-garde trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith:
"Tabligh," a suite Mr. Smith has composed with Alan Kushan, a figure in avant-garde world music, harnesses a few of those ideas for a modern take on Persian classical music and Sufi devotional practice. The piece, which had its premiere on Thursday night at Merkin Concert Hall, had the feel of something loosely dictated rather than meticulously prescribed.

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