Thursday, December 08, 2005

Interesting Odds and Ends

My boy Pete Doherty may still be residing in yonder clink but he's still generating news and some of it is even good:

Mr. Doherty split with the Libertines to concentrate on his other band, Babyshambles. He spoke in interviews about his struggles with crack cocaine and heroin, and chaotic Babyshambles concerts were routinely overshadowed by reports of even more chaotic behavior offstage. His sporadic relationship with the supermodel Kate Moss only made him more notorious, especially when video surfaced that showed her in a music studio, seemingly snorting cocaine. But he continues to outdo her: a week ago yesterday, Mr. Doherty was arrested yet again in London, on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs. (That's the category that in Britain includes cocaine and heroin.)

Guitarist Eyal Maoz (pictured), who has put put a very interesting jazz fusion album on the Tzadik label featuring John Medeski is profiled on NPR:

Israeli guitarist Eyal Maoz may live and perform in New York, but his sound encompases the realms of avant-garde jazz and Israeli Jewish music... Considered his breakthrough release for John Zorn's ecclectic Tzadik label, Edom was recorded at Bill Laswell's Orange Music Studios in 2005. The album features Maoz in the company of world-renowned, downtown New York musicians John Medeski of Medeski Martin & Wood, Shanir Blumenkranz and drummer Ben Perowsky (Elysian Fields & Dave Douglas).

Finally, Brian P. has started his own blog - look forward to insightful commentary from an up and coming musician:

Stumbled upon a list of the this year's GRAMMY nominations in the various fileds of jazz ... figured this would be an interesting posting to attempt to keep things rolling ...Kudos to Mr. Douglas and Mr. Holland for the nods on their independantly released recordings and kudos as well to Mr. Hollenbeck for what I believe is is first Grammy nomination.

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