Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bill Frisell - Further East/Further West (Songtone, 2005)

This is a web only download that adds additional music to the East/West live double CD that Bill Frisell released last year. Guitarist Frisell is joined by Kenny Wollesen on drums and Viktor Krauss and Tony Scherr alternate on bass. After the eclectic experimentalism of his previous two albums, The Intercontinentals and Unspeakable, the music presented here returns to the lower key music of some of the "Americana" projects that Frisell recorded during the 1990's. That's not to say there's no energy here, the group's version of the guitarist's own "Lookout for Hope" packs a snarling electric wallop. Since the music was recorded at traditional jazz venues (Yoshi's in Oakland and The Village Vanguard in New York City) some of the more crowd pleasing antics are toned down in favor of more subdued group interplay. Fans of Bill Frisell's jazzier or rootsier recordings should be very pleased by this effort. It's an interesting idea, adding extra material to an album that has been released in the standard way by making it available on the Internet, and worth the effort for fans of the artist.

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