Thursday, January 05, 2006

Revenge of the Top Ten

The improvised music webzine One Final Note has their top ten CDs of the year: Top ten lists of any flavor are what they are: an entirely subjective account of what sounded better than everything else to a select group of self-empowered listeners. But that didn't stop us from taking another shot at something approaching consensus for 2005 - debate the merits of such lists at will, but never question the sincerity and passion with which at least this particular group of pundits embraces such a daunting endeavor.

The venerable New York Times asks the obvious question...are top ten lists really necessary? On newsstands and online, readers get a stupefying catalog of best - of - 2005's, starting with albums and often continuing with singles, music videos, reissues and more; no doubt some blog has already posted a 10-best list of 10-best lists.

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