Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rufus Harley - Re-Creation of the Gods (Ankh, 1967)

Jazz bagpiper Rufus Harley has a unique sound, but how could be not when playing the bagpipes? On this album he fronts a groovy psychedelic-jazz organ group... break out the lava lamps! Harley testifies with the spoken word to his "congregation" in the opening to "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" laying the groundwork for a grooving bagpipe and bass performance. A mad organ solo, both happening and happy introduces "Hypothesis" and sets the bagpipes and organ off against each other. The only drawback is that they have similar sounds and occasionally cancel each other out in a wall of droning white noise. It comes off like a soundtrack theme to a Mod 60's TV show. "Malika" sets a psychedelic drone from Rufus while the organ bubbles like the world's largest bong underneath it all. Right on! This is fun stuff.

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