Sunday, March 12, 2006

There have been some interesting torrented concerts coming down the pike lately. The album of Elvis Costello's that I feel is most unjustly ingored is 1993's Brutal Youth where he reunited with The Attractions. This particular torrent comes from the next year September 22nd, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan and features many of the songs from that album like "London's Brilliant Parade" and "Kinder Murder" well as some very interesting songs like "You'll Never Be a Man" and "Temptation" which were very rarely performed in concert. Of courese the crowd pleasers like "Oliver's Army" and "Watching The Detectives," are there and what makes things evern better is the very clear sound quality - wonderful music.

Another fine concert recently torrented comes from Henry Threadgill's Make a Move ensemble with Tony Cedras on accordian, Brandon Ross on guitars, Stomu Takeishi on bass and J.T. Lewis on drums perfroming at a 1996 Italian jazz festival. The band sets a very intricite and complex groove and Threadgill takes some excellent solos on alto saxophone and flute. This is a valuable concert because Threadgill has not recorded an album in a number of years now and his music is always challenging and enjoyable.

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