Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bit 'o Torrent

Billy Bang w/ William Parker and Hamid Drake - Vision Festival, NY 5/25/00:
Early in the concert, Parker and Drake set a far eastern groove with wood flutes and percussion, with Drake really putting together some deeply moving rhythms. There's an interesting role reversal as Parker and Band trade short phrases - Bang plucking notes on the violin, and Parker returning them on wood flute, before Billy Bang finally takes to the bow at the very end of the first piece. The second piece finds the musicians back on their "standard" instruments. The band improvises passionately, but always in control of the situation with Bang worrying the same short phrase, setting it up to spin off into a different groove. Bang returns to plucking notes and scraping in a percussive duet with the always responsive Drake. Bang and Drake lay out and allow Parker to weave a deeply textured and propulsive solo bass interlude before things move back to a ferocious collective improvisation with Drake leading the way as a multi-rhythmic tornado of sound. They pull back at the then with a gentle coda to the evening's festivities - wow!

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