Friday, May 12, 2006

Dave Liebman - Drum Ode (ECM, 1974)

Just like it says on the tin, Drum Ode is saxophonist and composer Dave Liebman's salute to drums and drummers which he gives a brief spoken word introduction to over a cacophonous percussion. Liebman is joined by frequent collaborator of the time Richard Beirach on electric piano, and a slew of drummers and percussionists including Barry Altschul. Liebman's experience playing in the Miles Davis band had definitely worn off as the band was rhythm heavy with a lot of atmospheric Fender Rhodes piano. The leader contributes some swirling soprano saxophone amidst the vibraphone-like probing of the electronic piano. The drummers take center stage too, applying many different types of rhythms to the proceedings - John Abercrombie drops in to add some atmospheric guitar to the proceedings as well. As far as thinking man's fusion goes, this is the goods.

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