Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ko Melina, leader of the Detroit garage rock band Ko and the Knockouts and occasional bassist for The Dirtbombs has the late Saturday night slot on Little Steven's Underground Garage station on Sirius Satellite Radio. Whenever I've had enough coffee, I like to stay up and check her out. In addition to playing great music by the likes of Nic Armstrong, The Caesars, early Who, Chuck Berry and others, she's liable to tell loopy stories about Detroit, life on the road or anything else that has her interest. Tonight's episode was "Ko's Memorial Day Weekend Campfire Show." Which of course led to campfire stories of the strange and bizarre along with a set of Detroit garage rock by The Gories and the Detroit Cobras. Plus she plays The Kinks "Sittin' On My Sofa" one of their coolest tracks that nobody's ever heard. She also told a story that serial murderer John Wayne Gacy once used to be a concert promoter and once invited The Kinks to stay at his house while they were on tour!

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