Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Archie Bronson Outfit - Derdang, Derdang (Domino, 2006)

The Archie Bronson Outfit is an English garage-punk rock 'n' roll band that made the traditional old school leap from dropping out of art school to forming a band. Where would the music world be without soul-crushing British art schools? Mixing slash and burn angular guitar with paranoid vocals a-la the Gang of Four, the band achieves an edgy, nearly out of control sound that sets them apart from the cookie-cutter pop-rock bands that have been coming out of England recently. Most songs sarcastically examine the male-female relationship thing, fertile ground for aspiring rock and roll bands everywhere.

"Cherry Lips" kicks the whole affair with some angry riffing while the lyrics describe the most beguiling feature of the woman that did them wrong. "Kink" breaks out the garagey riffs, much like the song's namesake, slashing in some Dave Davies style guitar. "Modern Lovers" may the most caustic song on the album, recounting the take of a warped love affair over primal claustrophobic drumbeats. There's definitely something good going on here, and while the Arctic Monkeys (justifiably) and Franz Ferdinand (not quite) get all the press, the ABO are charting a course that borrows from rarely tapped well-springs (amazon.com compares them to The Monks and The Gun Club) while looking toward a promising future.

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