Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Podcast available... click here to download. Songs that have caught my ear over the past couple of weeks, 51:53 in length, 36.5 mb in size. Setlist:

Artist - Title - Album

B.B. King - Blind Love - Do The Boogie (Early 50s Classics)
Ben Allison - Disposable Genius - Peace Pipe
The Sadies - American Pageant - In Concert Vol. 1
Tony Williams Lifetime - Vashkar - Emergency!
Dengue Fever - Lake Dolores - Escape From Dragon House
Ornette Coleman - P.S. Unless One Has - Beauty Is A Rare Thing
Gary Primich - Kansas City - Ridin' The Darkhorse
Louis Armstrong - Struttin' With Some Barbecue - Hot Fives And Sevens
Beck - No Complaints - The Information
Avishai Cohen - Nu Nu - Continuo
Albert Ayler - When The Saints Go Marchin' In - Goin' Home
The Pogues - Dingle Regatta - Red Roses For Me (Expanded)
Charles Caldwell - Old Buck - Remember Me

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