Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Beatles - Love (Capitol, 2006)

This is the first (official) remixing of The Beatles music, done as the soundtrack to a Las Vegas show in their honor, and it's causing a little controversey in Beatlemaina. The music itself is not tampered with an any meaningful way, just stitched together with snippets of bridging music that has been remixed or altered. There's no unreleased material here and most of the songs featured here are very well known to any pop music fan. So what it amounts to is a mix-tape like offering of some of the Beatles greatest hits. The music flows together seemlessly and the songs themselves of course are of unimpeachable quality, but the whole enterprise begs the question: why? This collection certainly doesn't shame anyone, but by the same token it doesn't shed any new light on the music. Since The Beatles catalog is a license to print money (hard to believe it's still not available digitally), this CD will certainly be popular and make a pile of cash (the cynic in me says this is the real reason for the release) but unless you're a big fan of the stage show and don't already own much of this music, this seems like a release you can safely pass by.

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