Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saxophonist and composer Brian Patneaude has his top ten CDs of 2006 on his blog: "As 2006 draws to a close, here are ten jazz recordings that I've enjoyed this year, as well as a half-dozen non-jazz albums that spent a good deal of time playing on my iPod..."

Critic Zan Stewart of the Newark Star-Ledger adds his choices: "... jazz continues to thrive. Just look at the high level of quality and art in so many of the CDs released this year. Hearing music live will always remain the best avenue of exposure, but listening to an A-1 CD while relaxing at home is a pretty close second."

Finally, Francis Davis edits a meta list of jazz critics for the Village Voice including Tom Hull: "Critics were asked to list 10 albums in descending order, with 10 points awarded for their 1, 9 for 2, etc."

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