Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Trumpeter and blogger Taylor Ho Bynum writes in his blog Spider Monkey Stories about fellow brassman Dave Douglas: "The basic improvisational and melodic language of his Quintet music is far more harmonically rigorous and specific, so I wanted to see how he would navigate that context on the new horn. A switch like this is a subtle risk, but a real one, and I respect that an artist in Dave’s position, with his success, is giving himself some new challenges and trying to hear things differently."

The wonderful blog Destination Out has mp3's from Pharoah Sanders' rare Impulse album Village of the Pharoahs: "But then along comes Village of the Pharoahs. It’s a practically a cliche in free jazz circles to prize the rare track over the better known composition, but ”Village” gets us going in a way that “The Creator” simply doesn’t. Unlike some of Sanders’ work (”Creator” included) that hits a solid groove and then adds or subtracts chants and musical textures in a musical equation that can produce diminishing returns, “Village” keeps on giving."

The out-of-print free jazz blog Church Number Nine has a wonderful LP from Sabir Mateen called Tenor Rising Drums Expanding for downloading: "In 1996 Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter and David Nuss formed a short-lived trio Tenor Rising Drums Expanding. As you may know they collaborate often and many recordings exists, but this particular band printed only one and a half record, that is one full LP (offered here) and a one-sided album. The short one was recorded in 1996, while this in 1997. Curiously Daniel Carter here plays only drums, as does David Nuss, whereas Sabir Mateen plays tenor and organ. (how about that? How many times you’ve heard Sabir Mateen playing organ?)"

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