Saturday, January 13, 2007

Downtown Music Gallery curated the month of December at the open-eared jazz club The Stone and have posted an epic review entitled: December 2006 at The Stone: "Nels Cline is another of my favorite guitarists and a good friend who has finally gotten some well-deserved recognition playing with Wilco as well as from his awarding-winning Andrew Hill tribute disc from last year. I knew Nels had to be a part our celebration and offered to give him another night to play with his longtime cohort Vinny Golia. Nels chose the incredible Zeena Parkins to do duos with and this was wonderful idea, as he had them both play both acoustic and electric instruments. " (thumbs-up to the excellent Avant Music News, where I heard about this review.)

Also, there have been reports on the Internet that Alice Coltrane has passed away. I truly hope this isn't the case.

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