Monday, January 01, 2007

Emusic is sporting an exclusive interview with Ornette Coleman: "Coleman became the last great revolutionary (at least thus far) in jazz. Yet Coleman’s influence has become so pervasive that today his music doesn’t sound daunting or extreme. This is especially true of Sound Grammar, his first recording in nine years, in which the alto saxophonist, now 76, occasionally switches to trumpet and violin and is accompanied by two bassists — for the most part, one plucks, the other bows — and his son Denardo on drums."

Bending Corners has an excellent James Brown tribute podcast available for downloading: " The soulfather's body may be gone, but his music remains with us forever. And so thankful (for his music) we are! Like so many others, here is BC's take on the "James Brown Tribute". These aren't the most popular or well-known of his tunes, but they definitely got the groove! Pappa's bag has popped. Peace to you, brutha. RIP."

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