Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The online webzine Big O has several live concerts avaliable for downloading, music that they call "Recordings of Indeterminate Origin." Among the most interesting are:

John Coltrane Live at Temple University, Philadelphia, November 11, 1966: "This show has been known to circulate as an audience recording but this version is an excellent FM broadcast. It is also a complete show and is certainly a must for anyone into jazz, not to mention Coltrane diehards. In less than a year from this concert, Coltrane would die suddenly of liver cancer. But he is in superb form here. And to call John Coltrane, who was into free jazz, an "innovative sax player and composer," as he has been so described, doesn't even cover half the tale."

Sonny Rollins Live in Graz, Austria, June 1966 and November 12, 1966: "The first two tracks are of particular interest because this is where Freddie Hubbard gets into a war of words with the audience, with the famed trumpet player letting fly a number of "muthaf...s.""

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