Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Peter Brotzmann's Die Like a Dog Quartet - Aoyama Crows (FME, 2002)

Die Like a Dog is Peter Brotzmann's tribute band to the music of Albert Ayler. This performance, recorded live at the 1999 Total Music Meeting in Berlin features Brotzmann on tenor and soprano saxophones and clarinet, Toshinori Kondo on trumpet and electronics, William Parker on bass and Hamid Drake on drums. The four un-named improvisations are fascinating, especially Kondo's contribution of electronics taking the place of a guitarist or pianist and adding a very interesting texture to the music. Parker and Drake are the premier bass and drums team in free jazz and lock into a superb groove for Brotzmann and Kondo to improvise over. While Brotzmann is most well known for his white knuckle free playing, there is actually quite a bit of nuanced improvisation here amidst the howling improvisational passages. The four performances flow together like a suite and the music should be welcome and enjoyed by fans of free improvisation.

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