Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Podcasts Aplenty

The Anderson Tapes has a tribute called Journey Without End: The Music of Alice Coltrane. "In Memoriam: Alice MaCleod Coltrane, This epsiode is dedicated to the life, vision and spirit of Alice Coltrane."

Taran's Free Jazz Podcast has a two-part episode up featuring an interview with saxophonist and pianist Joel Futterman and much music.

Illasounds keeps pumping out quality podcasts, and they offer aother fine tribute to Alice Coltrane and Michael Brecker (did they ever play together?)

Finally, Bending Corners offers another great jazz-and-groove podcast. This episode is called Trigonometry. "Music fit for winter weather, this set explores the systemic, angular, and calculating side of jazz-n-groove; prefect for those long, dark, and frigid winter nights gazing up at the crystal clear sparkling stars."

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