Friday, January 26, 2007

Through the looking glass - Downloadable Alice:

Orgy In Rhythm has Alice Coltrane's rare Universal Consciousness album available for downloading: "Universal Consciousness stands even above World Galaxy as a recording where the medium of music, both composed and improvised, perfectly united the realms of body (in performance), speech (in the utterance of individual instrumentalists and group interplay), and mind (absolute focus) for the listener to take into her or his own experience. While many regard Universal Consciousness as a 'jazz' album, it transcends even free jazz by its reliance on deeply thematic harmonic material and the closely controlled sonic dynamics in its richly hued chromatic palette."

Big "O" presents Alice Coltrane's concert from UCLA in Los Angeles, February 18, 2006: "She is juggling waves of sound plasma. Flowing, shifting multidimensional webs and warps of energy that are grounded in the earth and far beyond the earth's gravity. She is channeling from above and below at the same time but there is no above and no below. She is an ethereal antenna in a fluid state of grace and balance."

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