Monday, February 05, 2007

Coffin Lids - Round Midnight (Bomp, 2005)

Coffin Lids are a fine straight-up rock and roll band from Boston who celebrate the standard American rock themes of music, women and cars with a campy faux horror angle akin to The Cramps. The band has an energetic and flamboyant but yet unpretentious sound. While their name may suggest a morbid goth fixation, their buoyant three minute garage rock nuggets belay any such fears. Standout tracks from this album include the boogie inducing "Mad Party" and "She's the Bomb." There isn't a lot of diversity in the music or the lyrics, the band finds a groove and just goes for it. Japanese garage rockers The 5,6,7,8's (featured in the film Kill Bill) get a tribute in "Tonight You're Going to Die in My Garage" and return the favor by guesting on "I'm Going to Have My Way." This is a consistent and well performed album of garage rock by a group that has found a distinctive sound and mined it for all it's worth.

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