Friday, February 09, 2007

There have been several interesting concerts available for downloading on Dime. The first one I have been listening to is a duet performance with saxophonist Ken Vandermark and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. This is a series of well recorded duets with some solo passages spotlighting each musician. The uptempo improvisations have a gutsy, go for broke feel that is very appealing, while the slower tunes have an abstract spaciness. These two have played together in bands before, and that familiarity helps them to lock into a tight groove melding Vandermark's sandpaper rough tenor saxophone and Nilssen-Love's juking and jiving percussion. There's very little spaciness to be found on the other concert I've been listening to. Leather lunged tenor saxophonist (and occasional mime!) Charles Gayle sat in with the David S. Ware Quartet at the 1995 Saalfelden Jazz Festival for an explosive and extraordinarily intense performance. The group performs two Ware compositions, "Infi-Rhythms" and and "Obligations and Blessing" along with Sonny Rollins' "East Broadway Rundown." Ware and Gayle simply go hell for leather on these improvisations, creating some exhilarating if daunting music. Pianist Matthew Shipp is a little overwhelmed by the twin tenor onslaught, but gets some fine solo spots of his own.

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