Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bending Corners has a new podcast available called Straight Ahead, Turn Left:

""Straight-Ahead" jazz on BendingCorners? Yes, you heard that right. But don't worry, this ain't your standard straight fare. This is BendingCorners after all. Its straight, with a twist; shaken, not stirred. Straight jazz with bent corners."

Church Number Nine has some great out-of-print Sun Ra available for downloading:

"i realize that i'm running a risk of creating a sun ra overdose situation here. but some records are just too important. grab them now, listen later. this is a great record, total insanity. very rare, recently sold on ebay for... aaah nevermind."

Tom Hull has a new Jazz Prospecting column, catching up on some Ellery Eskelin discs and new releases from the Fresh Sound New Talent label:

"I've prospected 247 albums in this cycle, while carrying 83 over from the previous cycle. At this point I still don't know the final cuts from the column, but a 10% selection (33 out of 330) is quite possible, with less more likely than more."

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