Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here are a couple of more ROIO's that I have downloaded through Dime and have been enjoying:

Velvet Underground - A Tribute to Andy & Nico This was recorded live at the club Boston Tea Party, on January 10 & March 13, 1969. The recording quality starts out a little bit shaky, but then evens out to be surprisingly good for a recording of this vintage. The band is in great form with Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison trading slashing guitar and Maureen Tucker providing primal caveman (cavewoman?) percussion and Doug Yule mixing in solid bass and swirling organ. The setlist hits most of the Velvets highpoints – a blasting “White Light/White Heat” is prodded along by throbbing bass and drums, while “Beginning to See the Light” combines guitars and organ in a near psychedelic fashion. Some of the slower and more intricate songs like “Jesus” and “I'm Set Free” don't come through as well with the muddy sound robbing much of their power, but the rockers cut through the murk in explosive fashion. Velvets fans should troll the Internet to track this fine live document down.

Brotherhood Of Breath - Balver Hohle, Altena, Germany June 24, 1972 This was a jazz big band made up of South African expats (they left their home country due to the difficult nature of having a racially mixed band under the oppression of apartheid) and members of the British progressive jazz community that made wonderful music that touched on the township music of their past but looked forward to the searching big band music of the present. Nominally led by pianist and composer Chris McGregor, the band played very exciting music that recalled some of Charles Mingus's bluesy sounds like those found on his great Blues and Roots LP. This radio broadcast is quite clear and crisp and allows the listener to hear the wonderful collective improvisation and smartly done arrangements of the band performing original material together at a very high level. The Cuneiform label as released airshots similar to this performance on their label and they are highly recommended as well.

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