Saturday, April 14, 2007

Avant Music News points to a couple of excellent articles about record labels and the distribution of music:

Cryptogramophone leader Jeff Gauthier is interviewed in "And so the Cryptogramophone sound is a multi-influenced and balanced. On the label website, Gauthier explains that the label serves 'the needs of a community of creative jazz artists committed to exploring the cutting edge of improvisation, composition, artistic vision, emotion, and innovation.' While this community is various, much of it did grow from a single scene and even a single band."

Composer Bob Ostertag writes in about making his albums available for free online: "One year later, I continue to be amazed at how few other musicians have chosen this route, though the reasons to do so are more compelling than ever. Why do musicians remain so invested in a system of legal rights which clearly does not benefit them?"

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