Friday, April 13, 2007

Ron Weinstock sent me an e-mail with some interesting comments about the Robert Lockwood disc I reviewed yesterday:

"Here is a brief review I recently did of this repackaged cd reissue for Jazz &Blues Report:

Delmark has just repackaged the CD reissue of Robert Lockwood Jr.’s first album, Steady Rolling Man. Recorded the summer of 1970 after Lockwood’s surprise appearance with The Aces at the 2nd Ann Arbor Blues Festival, Lockwood was backed by that trio of Louis Myers on guitar, Dave Myers on bass guitar and drummer Fred Below. Nothing fancy on this enjoyable disc with some nods to hisstepfather, Robert Johnson, in the title track, and "Rambling on My Mind" as
well as revive his own "Take a Little Walk With Me" and "Mean Red Spider," along with new originals like "Western Horizon" and "Worst Old Feeling" as well as the sprite "Lockwood’s Boogie." Its nice that this is available although it is not his best.

A couple points that I should add. Myers takes some of the solos and this album is several years before Robert started playing with a 12-string. He doesnot play 12-string here. In fact Robert and the Aces toured Japan a couple years later with an album "Live in Japan" issued in the US on vinyl only that has much stronger performances and some wonderful playing from Robert. There was enough recorded here for two cds that were issued in Japan only."

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