Sunday, May 06, 2007

Torrent Notes

Joe Louis Walker - Tacoma, WA 4/20/07: This was a real treat as JLW concerts are pretty rare on the torrent sites, so finding a two hour plus concert with very fine sound was a joy to hear. Walker and his backing band The Bosstalkers are in crackling form throughout, playing songs from the length and bredth of his career. Highlights are many, but especially the cover of Fats Domino's "I'm Ready, Willing and Able" which they take at warp speed with Walker and his supporting guitarist trading stinging leads. They also cut loose with some great slide playing on "Slow Down GTO ." Walker's gospel and soul background allow him to dig deep vocally into the slower numbers and "I've Got a Mind To Give Up Living" takes on an almost painful intensity. Joe Louis Walker is one of the most consistently excellent blues musicians in the land, and this is another example of that fact. If he comes to your town, don't miss him!

Gateway Trio - Umea, Sweden 10/27/96: Normally, I find Jack DeJohnette's piano excursions to be the weak point of any Gateway album or performance, but the one on this concert recording is exceptional, as he plays in a haunting Jarrett influenced way and John Abercrombie contributes some sympathetic accompaniment, but Dave Holland nearly steals the show with some simply stunning bowed bass. They rock out (relatively speaking) on Holland's energetic "How's Never" with Abercrombie really digging deep into the guitar. The Herbie Hancock tribute track, "Herbaceous" is appropriately complex and the finale "May Dance" gets a very extended performance, with excellent soloing from each member of the trio. The recording quality on this torrent is one of the best I've heard, a crystal clear radio broadcast, that lets the superb musicianship of this band really shine through.

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