Saturday, June 16, 2007

Joey Calderazzo - Amanecer (Marsalis Music, 2007)

Pianist and frequent Branford Marsalis collaborator Joey Calderazzo presents a quiet, late-night record of mostly elegiac solo piano with a which features a muted pastelish quality to his playing. On a couple of tracks he is joined by either a guitarist Romero Lubambo and/or a vocalist Claudia Acuna to explore jazz with a South American tinge. The most enjoyable tracks for me were the most upbeat and fast ones, "Toonay" and "I've Never Been In Love Before" which break the spell of a slow moving suite of music, although upbeat cookers are really not what this album is about. A touchstone for this album is the meditational work of the late pianist Bill Evans, and Calderazzo pays tribute to this influence by including one of Evans most famous compositions, "Waltz For Debby." Although the album is well performed, I must confess that this really isn't my kind of thing. I guess I'm not enough of a romantic... but on the other hand if you a looking for an album to put on in front of the fireplace whilst you stare doe-eyed into the gaze of your one-and-only in a wine-drenched stupor, this might fit the bill.

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