Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lots of good coverage of the Vision Festival in the jazz blogosphere: Soundslope has a couple of lengthy posts covering the festivities: “Overall, my Vision Fest highlights were Matthew Shipp's solo set, Fred Anderson Trio, and the Moholo and Friends set. Here's to hoping next year's even better.”

Brian Olewnick’s blog, Just Outside presents the flipside. Olewnick is a big fan of unfettered free improvisation and electro-acoustic improvisation (EAI) so he wasn’t too impressed by the proceedings: “But the great majority of music being performed at Viz ain't free (improv) and, for my bucks, shouldn't in good conscience mislead people into thinking that it is. Insisting on that aura, imho, weakens the music. For the most part, it's every bit as essentially conservative as what's being presented uptown at Wynton's place. Different veneer, very similar core.”

DGA’s Secret Society has some fine commentary as well: “William Parker presented the premiere of "Double Sunrise Over Neptune," an old-school hour-long extended jam for 15 players. The piece is anchored by three different bass ostinatos, but Parker delegated the bass duties here to Shayna Dulberger, who along with drummers Hamid Drake and Gerald Cleaver, did an admirable job holding everything together. Full ensemble passages were used sparingly -- instead, there were many solos and duets, often bookended by Sangeeta Banerjee's melismatic vocal improvisations.”

Photo courtesy of Kate Glicksberg/URGE.

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