Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Howard Mandel has an excellent article about Maria Schneider on his blog: "Schneider glowed when she talked about what she heard in her mind, thinking of how all the atomized notes she'd laboriously written over the past three years had cohered as richly harmonized dynamic music, anticipating that what she'd planned for individuals and small groupings would lift off as they combined efforts, together yet still individuated. Each musician had a vital role, reflecting his or her personality and skills, but it was Schneider who'd generated and organized all together to loft the transformative sensory experience music provides."

There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about trombonist and composer Roswell Rudd: "Mr. Rudd is 71 years old, and during his career he has been at the forefront of many new movements in jazz. The Yale graduate's work was first noticed in the mid- and late 1950s, while he was playing with a small cadre of young Dixieland revivalists. He then fell under the sway of Monk, the legendary pianist and composer, and Herbie Nichols, a lesser-known but superb pianist. Mr. Rudd became a champion of their work, co-leading ensembles devoted to their repertoire. In the mid-1960s he was founding member of the New York Art Quartet, one of the pivotal groups in the rise of the East Coast school of avant-garde jazz."

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