Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Bad Plus take on their critics with an excellent blog post about how some of their music and philosophies are misconstrued:

"But just like with those artists, irony is just a small part of the story in The Bad Plus. Here's our real story: We love songs. We believe in the power of song. We write songs as well as we can. There is not anything in TBP's repertory that is not based on melody, originals included. Thinking that we are not serious about the melodies we play is incorrect."

There is also an interesting interview with TBP's drummer David King at AAJ:

"One rule we have is that we’re just making the music we want to make. We don’t have discussions like, “We need this ratio of this.” We try to just let things happen the way they always have. The way this band started was very relaxed, without any manifesto. It was more like a refugee camp, a sideman world. So we decided to not mess with that at all by being analytical, or messing with things much. We go with what we play at the time, and what we were touring with at the time were those tunes."

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