Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ken Vandermark has a new edition of his column Notes from the Field available:

"The odds of getting a chance to do a series of solo concerts night after night in the same city for one week are unbelievably small, and I wanted to try and learn as much about this discipline as possible about the process during the time I had. Basically, I tried to approach the music each night with a different strategy: one show would be completely improvised, another would be comprised of other composers work ("The Thing," by Don Cherry, "Love Cry," by Albert Ayler...), another would contain homages inspired by the conceptions of players I revere (John Carter, Joe McPhee, Anthony Braxton...)"

There's an interesting interview in Exclaim about the reissue of Peter Brotzmann's landmark free jazz LP Machine Gun. (via Avant Music News):

"I grew up with jazz, I love the music very much, and when people ask me what kind of music I play I say, “I play jazz music,” but my for example, my English friends and colleagues, they at that time they didn’t want to know too much about American music. But my first big impressions besides Sidney Bechet [clarinet star of early jazz[ and Coleman Hawkins is when I met Steve Lacy [soprano sax innovator who reportedly taught Coltrane[ and [ex-Ornette Coleman trumpeter] Don Cherry and very early Cecil Taylor in Paris or then a bit later I had a chance to work with Carla Bley, a person I admire very much and so on, so my connection to American music was always very strong."

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