Saturday, September 08, 2007

Koko Taylor's latest album, Old School, is a very good disc that should appeal to people who like their blues firmly in the Chicago style - sweaty, tough and potent as a baseball bat upside the head. It's hard to believe that Taylor suffered a major health crisis recently that nearly ended her career (and life) because she sounds strong as a rock, strutting her stuff and slapping her cheatin' men back into line. She swaggers out of the gate with the tough and funky "Piece of Man" and follows it up walking the walk, comparing her man to animals with the storming "Black Rat" along with "Bad Rooster" and "Gonna Buy Me A Mule" and laying down the rules with "You Ain't Worth a Good Woman" and "Money is the Name of the Game." Throughout she gets stellar support from a sympathetic backing band that carves out a huge pocket for her to fill with her massive voice. This is a truly fine no-frills blues album from a master of the medium. Anyone who loves raw, nasty blues will really enjoy the music herein.

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