Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Essential Magic Slim and the Teardrops (Blind Pig, 2007)

Guitarist and singer Magic Slim and his band The Teardrops play a brand of old-school Chicago blues that will warm any blues purist's heart. Slim moved up to Chicago from Mississippi with his friend Magic Sam (hard to get a better pedigree than that) and worked his way up through the scene to his current role as distinguished elder. This disc compiles highlights from his last six albums and makes a perfect introduction to his burly, gutsy electric blues. Slim's guitar spits fire on the stomping “Going to Mississippi” and the band keeps the party going with a funky version of the Wilson Pickett popularized “Mustang Sally.” “Black Tornado,” the title track of a previous album is a cool country flavored instrumental which shows the band's range in material. Slim and the band seem most comfortable with high tempo cookers, and those wisely dominate this disc, but there is a lengthy slow blues in “Please Don't Dog Me.” Magic Slim keeps to the time-honored themes of the blues, but he throws in enough twists and turns to keep things to keep the music consistently enjoyable. Couple that with this disc being budget priced make this highly recommended.

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