Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jeremy Pelt – Shock Value: Live at Smoke (Maxjazz, 2007)

This is a document of a live performance by trumpeter Jeremy Pelt's electric band Wired in New York City earlier this year. Wired consists of Frank LoCrasto on keyboards, Gavin Fallow on electric bass; Al Street: electric guitar, and Dana Hawkins on drums. I think that the most successful tracks occur when Pelt plays a strong unmodified trumpet over a lush bed of Fender Rhodes keyboards, electric bass and guitar.The electro-acoustic sound achieved on the ballad "Beyond" and the slow building "Scorpio" display Pelt's trumpet chops and the nimble strength of the band without allowing anyone to overwhelm the music. His electronically processed tone just isn't as appealing as his acoustic tone, it hampers the expression of his trumpet and just seems gimmicky at times. This is what holds back the opening "Circular" and the lengthy "Blues." The music isn't bad, but this disc documents a band that is looking for an identity and a plan of action for the use of electronics in live improvisation.

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