Monday, November 05, 2007

The Bad Plus have an interesting post on their blog about the making of their latest album, Prog: "While we love the covers, the three of us regard the original music as the real heart of the band. There are very little lead sheets or other paper in TBP. Reid or Dave will show me the song at the piano, or I will play them one of mine, and we learn the music by rote. Once in while I hand out a scrawl or Reid gives me a notebook to look at for a minute. But we are careful to never play live with any sheet music, and there wasn't any at the recording session either." has an interview with Sue Mingus about her fight to preserve the legacy of her husband Charles Mingus: "In addition to all the albums made when he was alive, recordings have been cropping up and repertory bands are taking the music all over the world. That part of it is still growing, all under the watchful eye of Sue Graham Mingus, who has overseen all things musical and business for her late husband since his death in 1979."

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