Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson Again (Stunt, 2007)

Ibrahim Electric is a Danish organ trio that prides itself on "exploring the borders between jazz, rock, afro, funk" according to their myspace site. On this album, the band recorded live at the Copenhagen JazzHouse in February 2007. The group is composed of Niclas Knudsen on guitar, Jeppe Tuxen on Hammond B3 organ, Stefan Pasborg on drums, and as the title indicates, special guest Ray Anderson on trombone. The disc comes across as something like a European version of the New Orleans party funk group Galactic, with the band keeping the grooves bubbling, the guitar lines choppy, and and Anderson slurring on the trombone like someone who has indulged in a few too many pints of lager. The highlight is the alarmingly titled "Blue Balls" which panders to the hometown crowd in the best way with some ravishing up-tempo boogie while "Funkorific" and "Absinthe" leave no doubt that the group wanted to keep the crowd riled up. For the most part, they are quite successful, the core group is a very tight trio and Anderson's addition extends the band's range, and adds an almost vocal accompaniment with the smears and slurs he produces. Fans of funky jazz or organ music in general should find this disc enjoyable.

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