Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DVD Review: Chasin' Gus' Ghost

This is an independently produced documentary film about the life and legacy of early 20th century bluesman and jug band leader Gus Cannon. The film is a labor of love and that affection for the subject comes through quite clearly. The few known facts of Cannon's life are presented, and his music is covered, and then the majority of the film is the legacy of Cannon's jug bands. Extensive interviews with famous musicians like Charlie Musslewhite and Bob Wier provide a link with the past, and interviews with Cannon's musical descendants like Jim Kweskin and Maria Muldaur show the influence of his music in the 1960's and beyond. Ranging in their research as far as Sweden and Japan the filmmakers have done an admirable amount of research into their subject and present in a clear and concise manner. The film has been touring around to various film festivals and will hopefully be released commercially on DVD shortly. It's a fine piece of history, preserving music that deserves to be remembered.

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