Thursday, January 24, 2008

Popmatters has a very interesting article about pianist Ahmad Jamal: "Jamal, not exactly retired, is a very busy person these days. He’s just back from France, where he was made an officer in the Order of Arts and Letters. He just finished recording a new CD. And he’s starting a tour."

Allmusic's blog has had a couple of good posts about drummer Steve Reid ""Reid knows of what he speaks. In the mid-’70s, he founded his own Mustevic Sound label and issued his own albums. His records were distributed in the U.S. via the New Music Distribution Service; it was a clearing-house for self-released, private- and independently-released recordings from artists as diverse as Meredith Monk and Robert Ashley, from Ned Sublette to Reid. Reid’s albums were also distributed widely in Europe through similar channels. On vinyl they fetch plenty of money on the auction market. Nova and Rhythmnatism were re-released on CD by Great Britain’s Soul Jazz/Universal Sound imprint, as was Steve Reid Ensemble’s Spirit Walk."" Part One Part Two

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