Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Dream Garden (Justin Time, 2008)

Drummer and percussionist Rudolph melds the improvisatory nature of jazz with the world music of pioneers like Don Cherry on this intriguing disc. Rudolph's "Moving Pictures" band is rounded out by Brahim Fribgane on oud, tarija, Graham Haynes on cornet and flugelhorn, Hamid Drake on drums and percussion, Kenny Wessel on guitar, Ned Rothenberg on flute and saxophone, Shanir Blumenkrantz on bass, and Steve Gorn on bansuri, clarinet and oboe. The music alternates between shorter more meditative improvisations focused of percussion and flute, and longer jazzier passages that call upon more diverse instruments and larger ensembles, but are still anchored in a bed of complex and ever shifting percussion. The opening composition "Oshogbo" sets the stage for what's to come with strong percussion and guitar joining in for a thick and powerful performance. Rudolph has worked with saxophonist and flautist Yusef Lateef for several years and the influence of Lateef's music is palpable in some of the more spiritual and ethnic music influenced performances. The hypnotic drum and percussion work of Rudolph and Drake are the focus, but the entire band plays well. It all adds up to a worldwide jazz that looks for wide open vistas of music for its inspiration.

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