Friday, February 01, 2008

Downbeat has posted their recent article on bassist Charlie Haden on their web site with some bonus material:

"I got to see Bird in Omaha when I was fourteen with JATP and later when I arrived in L.A. in 1956, I went to hear the Miles Davis quintet. Man! You could sit in front of these guys and feel the power. The feeling of spontaneity from each musician allied with the technical part: the harmony, the voicings, the cymbals, the bass ... together, it could have generated electricity."

Allmusic has an interesting post on their blog, re-appraising the 1950's music of legendary proto-rocker Chuck Berry:

"Listening to Johnny B. Goode on His Complete ’50s Chess Recordings is an entirely different experience than The Great 28 or any other hit-heavy compilation where all the brilliant singles sound so much of a piece that they give the impression that they were all cut at roughly the same time. Those who learned Berry’s music through these compilations — and there are generations of listeners who did — may be surprised that certain hits like “No Particular Place to Go” or “You Never Can Tell” arrived well into the ’60s and so are absent here, perhaps jarringly so."

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