Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fiona Boyes - Lucky 13 (Yellow Dog, 2006)

An Australian transplant to the American south, guitarist Boyes is proficient in a wide variety of blues styles. This is a competently played though somewhat schizophrenic tour of her influences, like the rural acoustic blues of "Red Hot Kisses" which features some fine acoustic slide duetting with Bob Margolin and "Ramblin' Man Blues" which is evocative of the pre-war blues. Old school New Orleans music is checked with the horn fueled "Pigmeat Lover" and grinding "Celebrate My Curves," while greaser rock and jump blues get their due on "Rockabilly on the Radio" and "Big Bigger Biggest" respectably. This is a solid mix of blues music played with confidence, but I can't help but get the feeling that Boyes is still casting around, trying on a number of different styles of the blues like so many changes of clothes, looking for her own individual voice. I hope she finds it, because there's quite a bit of talent here and when she finds her own way to tell her own stories, she could make a valuable contribution to modern blues music.

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