Friday, March 21, 2008

Here is an interesting thought: Is Guitar Hero Changing Our Culture? I've often thought that the next obvious step for rhythm based video games like these is to allow people to compose their own simple melodies and then share them with other users. I bet this type of user generated content would be super popular and free the video game companies from spending a fortune on royalties for famous songs. I also have hopes that kids playing these games will make the leap from toy instruments to real instruments and spark a renaissance in music and the way music is recorded and presented. Time will tell. I'd love to see the manufactures of these games branch out their repertoire of music as well. While Guitar Hero: Kurt Rosenwinkel Edition probably won't be coming out any time soon, it makes sense to include some classic blues and jazz songs that have simple structures, especially at the beginning of the game. Perhaps the next edition of Guitar Hero will have some Jimmy Reed as one of the tutorial songs.

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