Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Marco Benevento - Invisible Baby (Heyena, 2008)

Marco Benevento is a keyboardist and composer who splits his time between jazz and jam band rock 'n' roll, creating an interesting fusion that pervades his work here. Many of the performances on this album have multi-tracked keyboard layers, where chords of acoustic piano compete with fender rhodes or swirling organ. Accompanying him on this album are Reed Mathis on bass, Matt Chamberlain and Andrew Barr on drums.The music runs the gamut of emotion from the moody and melancholy of "Record Book" to the whimsy found in "Atari" with it's glitchy electronics and fast upfront drumming. Especially intriguing is "Real Morning Party" which is one of those "cheesy but I love it" tracks that I can't get out of my mind. It's a song with electronic keyboards and a hook that could snare Jaws, sounding like the theme from a cartoon or video game as Benevento pounds away insidiously on what sounds like a cheap toy keyboard. The jazz police would be scandalized, but if you have a sense of humor that enjoys whimsy you will probably enjoy the music found here quite a bit. It's a wonder Benevento hasn't been called upon to write more music for film or TV, his melodic sense and flights of improvisational fancy would be perfect for a visual medium.

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