Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pop Matters tells the fascinating story of Yoko Noge, who left Japan for Chicago to sing the blues:
“There was no other place. Chicago was the blues,” she says. “I came here to sing. But first I had to listen, to hear the real thing. When I came here, the blues was somebody else’s voice. I came here to search for my own voice.”
Howard Mandel has an update on Ornette Coleman's current activities:
"Having just turned 78 years old, still Ornette performs with uniquely penetrating power on saxophone and usually violin and trumpet, too. As recently reported on this blog, he was in fine form in February at the Portland Jazz Festival, and he re-tuned my ears to the expansive sounds of the world, leading an ensemble of three bassists (including Charnette Moffett, son of his late drummer Charlie) and his own son Denardo on drums. The sold-out show was held in a former movie palace, and was the launch of a tour that got as far as the Far East and New Zealand."
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