Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wired's Listening Post writes about a cool application that allows you to listen to while reading the Wikipedia profile of the artist playing: "Say what you will about the information on Wikipedia, but it's accurate in many cases and its crowds of dedicated users keep a good amount of band entries updated, especially when it comes to tour dates, new releases, and other information that bubbles up in fan networks."

Allmusic's blog has an interesting post about the reissuing of the Terence Blanchard/Donald Harrison LP's from the 1980's. When I was young I loved their Dolphy/Little tribues and took them our of the Library regularly: "Notably, in 1986, Blanchard and Harrison released two live tribute albums to another great jazz duo with Eric Dolphy & Booker Little Remembered Live at Sweet Basil, Vol. 1 and Fire Waltz: Eric Dolphy & Booker Little Remembered Live at Sweet Basil, Vol. 2. Featuring the late trumpeter and saxophonist’s rhythm section of pianist Mal Waldron, bassist Richard Davis and drummer Ed Blackwell, these albums were a distinct honor for Blanchard/Harrison at the time and based on the cuts, a deserved one."

Big Road Blues posts with MP3's about the collaboration between Houston Stackhouse and Robert Nighthawk: "These are beautiful recordings with Stackhouse singing magnificently as he delivers a perfect falsetto in the manner of Tommy Johnson coupled with some his fairly modern guitar playing while Nighthawk seconds on guitar and Peck Curtis provides ramshackle, clattering drums. Nighthawk took the lead on three numbers; “Nighthawk Boogie” was an inventive instrumental not far removed from the recordings he made on Maxwell Street three years earlier, “Blues Before Midnight” was a gorgeous mellow blues with a “Blues After Hours” feel while Carey Mason takes the vocal on “You Call Yourself A Cadillac.” Carey Mason was a guitarist/vocalist from Crystal Springs who was the main local partner of Stackhouse."

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