Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big Road Blues has a new post from their most recent radio show highlighting Pete Welding’s Testament Records label (now distributed on CD and download by Hightone Records):
“Among other artists Welding recorded more extensively were Johnny Shines and Mississippi Fred McDowell. Welding cut Johnny Shines: Masters of Modern Blues Vol. 1 in 1966, Standing At The Crossroads in 1971 and Johnny Shines with Big Walter in 1969. All are fine records but the standout is Standing At The Crossroads with Shines performing solo and ranks among his finest efforts.”
Wall of Sound writes excitedly about finding one of the final pieces of his David Murray collecting puzzle. As a Murray fan myself, I’m quite jealous:
“This is a far more pensive performance than his other records of the time, with far fewer of the usual gospel ecstatic moments that Murray would become associated with, and far less of the flash than one finds on contemporary concerts made in Europe.”
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