Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bobby Previte and New Bump - Set the Alarm for Monday (Palmetto, 2008)

Drummer Previte's new band is a cinematic group with a niorish sound that is unique and interesting to listen to. He is joined by Ellery Eskelin on tenor saxophone, Steven Bernstein on trumpet, Bill Ware on vibraphone, Brad Jones on bass, and Jim Pugliese on percussion. Sounding like the soundtrack to a film noir set on the rainy streets of Seattle, or some other atmospheric city, the shimmering vibes of Ware are the key element in providing the band's unique sound. The opening track “Set the Alarm For Monday” opens the disc with a moody and mellow performance, before “I'd Advise You To Not Miss Your Train” and “She Has Information” kick the tempos up a notch with some excellent solos from Eskelin and Bernsein who make a very effective front line, with the tenor saxophonist alternating between mellow riffing and potent soloing and the trumpeter adding tart exclamations throughout. Much like Bernstein's own Diaspora Hollywood disc, this one has a unique feel, combining film music and jazz. I enjoyed this disc very much, it has an original sound and feel, and it is a lot of fun to listen to. Hopefully some adventurous film directors or producers will hear this group and sign them up for their next project, this is an intriguing band with a wide sonic palette.

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