Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guillermo Klein - Filtros (Sunnyside, 2008)

Pianist and occasional singer Klein explores his Argentinian roots with this CD, recorded with some heavy modern jazz talent including Ben Monder on guitar, Miguel Zenon on alto saxophone and flute, Taylor Haskins on trumpet and Bill McHenry on saxophones. Kilen has traveled the world in the course of making music and the world has left its imprint on his music is return. The most successful performances on this disc bear this out. "Va Roman" moves from an opening vocal to a wonderful and explosive alto saxophone solo from Zenon, and "Miula" keeps pace with some fine trombone and electric bass soloing over a bed of bubbling percussion. After these two fine openers, the music seems to drift a little. Many of the remaining compositions take on a level mid-tempo feel with few alterations like "Luz de Liz (Filtros)", which drifts along with an overlong improvisation that never seems to go anywhere. One jolt of energy comes from Ben Monder who stakes out a blazing guitar solo on "Memes" backed by horn riffs to make for a very exciting performance. Much of the music is slow developing. It is very well performed, no doubt, but apart from the tracks mentioned above, I had trouble focusing my attention on it.

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